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To prevent homelessness and increase self-sufficiency for all people. The center provides education and resource assistance in a culturally sensitive, encouraging, and Christ-centered environment.

The Grace Center exists because we believe a community thrives when it can uplift those in need to a more productive position in the community through education and assistance.

The Grace Center is a United Way of South-Central Oklahoma agency, a member organization of Ardmore Literacy Leadership, Inc., and part of the Ardmore Behavioral Wellness Collaborative.  Additionally, the Grace Center of Southern Oklahoma holds membership in the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, and Pro Literacy. 

The Grace Center is recognized as having completed the Standards for Excellence course by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Our certification is valid from 2018-2023, and we can be found on the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits graduate page.

New Location!

Change is inevitable.  We can't keep it from happening any more than we can stop the change of seasons.  

Instead of resisting change, we choose to embrace it and continually look for better ways to serve our community.

The Grace Center has moved to our new location at 691 12th Ave NW.

In addition to our new location, we opened an Overnight Shelter program during the cold weather months. 

We accept men, women and families with children and also accept pets!

If you would like to make a donation to help with our operating costs, please click on the Donate  button!

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It is our desire to provide a safe, accepting place to receive help and hope for the future in an uncertain world.  We strive every day to connect with and show the loving Grace of God to those who have been marginalized and cast aside by society.  We help to restore dignity, respect and self-sufficiency to the lives of our providing real world help, resources and training to create a better future for Southern Oklahomans.


Leslie Groven, Executive Director


Tressa Blackwood, Day Center Manager          


Vance Aulds, Shelter Manager/Day Center Assistant Manager 

Claudia Rodriguez, Custodian/Day Center Assistant

Carolyn McElroy

Carolyn Thomas

Teresa Leahey


Austin Moore


Barry Antwine


Jonathan Clubb

Tes Stewart

Tara Teal

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