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When local and area residents with limited financial needs are out of options and facing an emergency, they turn to the Grace Resource Center. With rent assistance, clients and their families stay in their homes, dodge a court-ordered eviction, and avoid homelessness. When struggling households receive a 48-hour cut-off notice for vital utility services, the emergency financial assistance program provides relief.  The Grace Resource Center’s financial assistance is paired with courses in financial literacy, job readiness, and life skills, as well as parenting, to guide individuals towards self-sufficiency. The goal of the Grace Resource Center’s services is to strengthen individuals to become agents in their futures and, ultimately, become less reliant on financial assistance programs. 

To limit the threat of the transmission of the Coronavirus, the Grace Resource Center is accepting applications online for bill assistance. 

Please click here to access the web-base application for services. 


Grace Day Center Services:  Temporarily Closed for 60-days ending March 7, 2022.

The Day Center is designed to meet the immediate basic needs of individuals experiencing homelessness with its bathing and laundry facilities as well as access to a phone line, computer with internet, and social service referrals. Beyond meeting the basic needs, the number one goal of the Day Center is to build dignity in clients. Policies and programs that support validating the dignity of homeless persons are encouraged as they increase self-worth and motivate clients to exit homelessness. To build dignity, staff work to develop trusting relationships that provide guidance and encouragement. Staff make appropriate referrals and try to be navigators and supporters for clients. The ultimate hope is to bring a resource to a client’s attention that can help them achieve the goals they identify for themselves. 


The Grace Resource Center and Administration 

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