Emergency Financial Assistance Program 

Viewed as a line of defense against homelessness, the Emergency Financial Assistance Program covers low-income households’ temporary gaps of income during a financial crisis. The program seeks to assist those who are experiencing a one-time financial crisis in their lives. It is for unforeseen emergencies. 



The Emergency Financial Assistance Program provides emergency rent and utility assistance to eligible individuals and families through the five counties of south central Oklahoma: Carter, Johnston, Love, Marshall, and Murray.


Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, eligible clients may receive emergency assistance twice in a 12-month period; however, assistance can not be provided back-to-back. For instance, a household approved for assistance on a water bill in June, will not receive assistance on a request for electric assistance in July. 


Rental Assistance: 

  • Written lease in your name 

  • Late or eviction notice in your name 

  • Proof of income 

  • Photo Identification 

  • Written notice by sober-living leadership that the applicant has resided in a 501(c)3 nonprofit sober living program for at least 30 days and plans to stay 


Utility Assistance: 

  • Written bill in your name or be an authorized account user (not the landlord) 

  • Past due bill in your name with cutoff notice 

  • Photo Identification 

  • If utility is in landlord’s name, applicant must provide lease document that states the tenant is to pay utilities in the landlord’s name 


For rental assistance or rent/utility deposit assistance, proof of income is required: 

  • Social Security

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 

  • Veteran’s Assistance 

  • Recent pay stub 

  • Unemployment compensation

  • Proof of tax records for self employment 

  • Letter from employer on company letterhead


Eligibility requirements are intended to ensure the Grace Center assists those in greatest need in a fair and just manner. Depending on the application, the Grace Center can request additional information or documentation.

The Grace Center may award households for an amount less than what is requested. The household is responsible to pay the amount of their rent or utility bill above the amount Grace Center can pledge prior to the Grace Center making a pledge or payment. The household may be asked to provide proof of other payment and/or pledges. The Grace Center is the last payer on the bill. Because of the Grace Center’s partnership with the faith community, the pledge may be paid in more than one payment. For instance, the Grace Center may pay $50 on the client’s bill and a local church has made a direct payment of $35 on the same client’s bill. 


If you are approved for assistance, the Grace Center will pay the utility company or landlord directly. Before payment is issued, the Grace Center calls to make a pledge for payment or a promise to pay on the client's account. It is important to remember that pledges may not be accounted for when calling a utility company to hear the account balance or when logging onto an online account to view account balance. 


Applying is a multi-step process: 

  • Completed Application 

  • Supporting documents submitted in-person or electronically

  • Grace Center staff follow-up (phone or in-person)

  • Money Management or Job Readiness Class requirement

The Grace Center of Southern Oklahoma accepts the following forms of identification: 

  • Current driver’s license

  • State-issued identification card (if expired, it must be less than 12-months from the expiration date)

  • Military ID

  • Tribal citizenship ID 

  • State of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana License 

  • Valid Passport (Issued by the USA or a foreign government)

  • Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”) 

  • Social Security card

  • Birth Certificate

  • Consular Identification Documents (Issued by a foreign government) 

  • Adoption Record 

  • Marriage or Divorce Record

  • Booking record with photo from a local county detention center or inmate search tool from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections